Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update on our babies

We received another update yesterday and I just wish I could post the pictures. They are adorable! Malachi's hair is growing and he is just too cute for words. Ava is sleeping in her picture, but just as precious as always. Here is the update :

“M. is a sweet little guy. He loves his roommates and room. He has the most rowdy room we have! He doesn’t really add to the rowdiness, but he does seem to enjoy it. He is a big teddy bear. He likes to sit in my lap or be close to the caregivers. He is doing great. A. is doing wonderfully. Today, when I stopped by she was sleeping, but yesterday I saw her outside with her roommates. The caregivers tell me she is eating and sleeping very well. They also said she is “very vocal”, which I think translates to “she cries if we don’t hold her."

I cannot wait to get my arms around these two. It is hard to explain what it feels like to be so far away from someone you love, but have never met. My love grows for them every day. I find myself talking to their pictures in that wierd baby voice we all get while snuggling little ones. They have become part of our daily conversation, and a part of every prayer. I've pulled out clothes for little man and I stare at the shoes wondering what his chubby little feet will be like. I love hearing that he is a big teddy bear. That just melts my heart. If Ava likes to be held, she'll be in good hands around here. When my friend Becky was here, Grace and Thatcher held Jack all the time. Matter of fact, Thatcher hauled a little rocking chair downstairs and brought his blankie for Jack one evening just before bed. Here's the picture.
In the meantime, we are staying busy. Grace is so creative and is always building something with her brother or for her brother. I can't keep up with all of the creations.
Grace will be testing soon for the IOWA here in VA. This keeps us home-schoolers on our toes, which is always a good thing. I'm a little nervous, but we've worked hard this year and she has "soaked" up so much information. She is thrilled about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln right now. It comes alive to her when we read the stories. I love homeschooling because it leaves plenty of time for all of her creative moments, and she and Thatcher are really becoming good friends. It's such an answer to prayer!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

River Dance

A friend of mine was recently in town (love you Becky) and saw Thatcher do his River Dance. She suggested I post a little video of him doing it for all of you. It really is so funny! Every time we turn on music, he does his River Dance and then he and Grace waltz around the room together. We found an African Playground cd which is the background music for his little show. I can't believe this is his last month as a 4 year old. My little buddy is growing up way too fast! I went in to his room the other day and he was hammering a picture of our little man Malachi to the wall with a thumb tack just above his bed. When I chastised him for hammering without my permission, he looked at me with those big blue eyes and said, "I just want to be able to see him Mom." How can you argue with that? So now it's hanging above his bed, not framed, not centered, not planned - but precious, and it is Thatcher's little reminder every night before bed that he has a brother coming.