Monday, August 17, 2009


3 months have passed and we are definitely feeling like a family these days. For the most part, all the health issues are clearing up, and that has really helped us get settled. Malachi and Ava had diahrrea for more than 2 months, which kept us all running in circles. They had Giardia and Crypto - Whoa!!! And of course, it had to work its way through our entire family. Double whoa! On top of that, Malachi has kidney reflux which caused a terrible UTI. We're still waiting to hear what the game plan is for the reflux. We hope it's just antibiotics for awhile. Ummm, let's see - what else? His liver enzymes are VERY high. The doctors aren't sure if it's from Hep A (assuming he came home with it) or if it's something else. We're in the midst of ultrasounds and bloodwork for that. His cardio work-up went well and the heart murmur is from a small hole in his heart that shouldn't cause him any problems in the future. We've been to see 5 specialists. I'm exhausted from all the doc appts and labs. Time for a break!

We've had company in town over the last 3 weeks and I wanted to post a few pics. The kids are so happy and really "nestling" right into our lives. We're just ALL in love with them. Malachi follows me all over the house, repeating everything I say. He never answers a question, but instead just repeats. I'll ask, "Do you want more?" and he says "more?". "Do you need to go potty?" "Potty?". I feel like I'm guessing his answers all day, but he's communicating more and more. It's been really neat to see him transition words over from Amharic. He used to say "makeenah" all day long for car and now he just says "car" with his rolled rrrrrr all day long. So cute. Ava started taking steps this week. She is definitely going through the separation anxiety stage. I can hardly set her down. But of course, I'm all too happy to dote on her. She needs doting! She is precious.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Stars- Here We Come!!

Grace and Thatcher did Swim Team this summer at our neighborhood pool and we had so much fun watching them learn and compete in their events. They both swam freestyle and backstroke. This past weekend was Divisionals and Grace qualified for Individual Free, 4X Relay Free, and Individual Backstroke. Thatcher was close, but being one of the youngest on the team, this wasn't his year for Divisionals.

Saturday was the big day and Gracie's Relay team won 1st place. Woohoo! She was the 2nd leg and while her stroke looks a little slow, it's her kicking that gets her there quickly. She was thrilled! Only thing is: Now she gets to swim in the All Stars this coming Saturday. She actually cried about it, because she's ready for Swim Team to be over. It's a lot of practices and early mornings on Saturdays. Well, we can't let her Relay Team down, so we'll be there and we'll let you know how it goes. Here's a video of her leg of the Free Relay. Go Gracie!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I want to post an update again soon, but for now, here are more pictures.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Potty training?

Not sure if I want to focus on potty training right now with Malachi, but on his own, he's halfway there, so I'm trying to help him get the hang of heading toward the potty when it's time to go. Sometimes it works like a charm, sometimes not so much. Em suggested I put him in big boy underwear while she was here, since there would be extra hands. I can't say I've kept it up now that she's gone, b/c 2 accidents in a 2 hour span was enough for me to throw in the towel for a bit. Anyway, here's a great pic of Malachi. Is that a smile I see? He smiles more and more, but it's REALLY hard to capture it on film. Look at his pearly whites. He has a great smile!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Settling in...

Well, we've been home for 3 weeks, and had our new babies for a month. Wow! It's flying by! I thought I would sit down and fill you in on how life has been, but my little precious girl has found me and wants in my lap. SO, it will just be picture time. We've managed to get to the beach (with Emmy's help) and just have LOTS of fun at home. Enjoy the pics!

Trophy Day for Thatcher's first year of T-Ball Swim Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this bow too big? Emmy picked it out...

These little ones LOVE their bath time!

Malachi at the beach

Ava eating sand and other things at the beach

Ava and Emmy

"I'm too cute for words..."

Someone found my hair clippies

Malachi loves this riding toy. It keeps him really busy and happy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Warm Welcome

A friend snapped these pics when the children were meeting for the first time. I was close by, but jet lagged, and without my camera handy. I'm so glad she got this on film. Grace was adorable with Ava. For her, it's been love at first sight. For Thatcher it's taken some time, but he and Malachi have started chasing each other around, which is a great beginning.

We're doing great! I'm finally feeling better and have the house running smoothly again. That makes a huge difference. The first week home, I was sleeping most of the day due to some sort of parasite/bacteria/flu. I would just look around at all that needed to be done, and then hold the babies and rest. Thankfully my mom was here during that time and she was a HUGE help. I don't know how we would have done it without her. Also, Sean only worked half-days, so there were extra hands at all times.

We are just so in love. Malachi is winning over our hearts and getting sweeter every day. Now he comes up and grabs our faces to give us kisses. And he's probably down to 2-3 tantrums a day, which is an unbelievable improvement from our first week together. He is so happy at home, and when we go out (even just in the front yard) he puts up a wall. His pouty lip comes out and he won't let you know he's having any fun. We're just so thrilled that he's coming out of his shell, and bonding so well with us.

Ava is just the most precious angel I've laid eyes on. I really am in heaven. She is perfection to me right now. Today I was wishing I could just bottle her up at this age forever, so that I could enjoy her baby stage a little longer. She is so funny, always doing tricks. Whatever face you make at her, she tries to mimic. She started waving yesterday, and is just fitting right into our family. Whenever she fusses, big sister is quick to scoop her up. She has slept through the night the last 2 nights, and Malachi too. They're now taking naps, and sleeping about 11 hours at night. Woohoo! This is too good to be true.

Our friends are bringing us meals right now and that has been a huge blessing. We've just been able to love on the kiddos, introduce them to all kinds of new things, like swinging, swimming, popscicles, wrestling with Daddy, cuddling with Mommy. It's been so nice to just BE. Thank you to all who have served us, and for all of you praying. God is faithfully providing His grace for each moment.

Sean goes back to work tomorrow, so it will be a true taste of my new life. I'll let you know how it goes.....