Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Potty training?

Not sure if I want to focus on potty training right now with Malachi, but on his own, he's halfway there, so I'm trying to help him get the hang of heading toward the potty when it's time to go. Sometimes it works like a charm, sometimes not so much. Em suggested I put him in big boy underwear while she was here, since there would be extra hands. I can't say I've kept it up now that she's gone, b/c 2 accidents in a 2 hour span was enough for me to throw in the towel for a bit. Anyway, here's a great pic of Malachi. Is that a smile I see? He smiles more and more, but it's REALLY hard to capture it on film. Look at his pearly whites. He has a great smile!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Settling in...

Well, we've been home for 3 weeks, and had our new babies for a month. Wow! It's flying by! I thought I would sit down and fill you in on how life has been, but my little precious girl has found me and wants in my lap. SO, it will just be picture time. We've managed to get to the beach (with Emmy's help) and just have LOTS of fun at home. Enjoy the pics!

Trophy Day for Thatcher's first year of T-Ball Swim Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this bow too big? Emmy picked it out...

These little ones LOVE their bath time!

Malachi at the beach

Ava eating sand and other things at the beach

Ava and Emmy

"I'm too cute for words..."

Someone found my hair clippies

Malachi loves this riding toy. It keeps him really busy and happy.