Monday, August 17, 2009


3 months have passed and we are definitely feeling like a family these days. For the most part, all the health issues are clearing up, and that has really helped us get settled. Malachi and Ava had diahrrea for more than 2 months, which kept us all running in circles. They had Giardia and Crypto - Whoa!!! And of course, it had to work its way through our entire family. Double whoa! On top of that, Malachi has kidney reflux which caused a terrible UTI. We're still waiting to hear what the game plan is for the reflux. We hope it's just antibiotics for awhile. Ummm, let's see - what else? His liver enzymes are VERY high. The doctors aren't sure if it's from Hep A (assuming he came home with it) or if it's something else. We're in the midst of ultrasounds and bloodwork for that. His cardio work-up went well and the heart murmur is from a small hole in his heart that shouldn't cause him any problems in the future. We've been to see 5 specialists. I'm exhausted from all the doc appts and labs. Time for a break!

We've had company in town over the last 3 weeks and I wanted to post a few pics. The kids are so happy and really "nestling" right into our lives. We're just ALL in love with them. Malachi follows me all over the house, repeating everything I say. He never answers a question, but instead just repeats. I'll ask, "Do you want more?" and he says "more?". "Do you need to go potty?" "Potty?". I feel like I'm guessing his answers all day, but he's communicating more and more. It's been really neat to see him transition words over from Amharic. He used to say "makeenah" all day long for car and now he just says "car" with his rolled rrrrrr all day long. So cute. Ava started taking steps this week. She is definitely going through the separation anxiety stage. I can hardly set her down. But of course, I'm all too happy to dote on her. She needs doting! She is precious.